The education of our children is vital to the success of our community.

State Level Advocate

Education is now under attack at the federal level with the proposed legislation in Congress to Abolish the Department of Education (H.R. 899).  Given these attacks and current proposals to shift funds from public to charter schools, it is vital that Virginia has lawmakers who are qualified and highly motivated to advocate for our children and our public education system.  Kelly will be that key advocate in the Virginia Legislature.


We must focus on investing more in our schools to give teachers the resources they need to promote success in our children.

virginia colleges

Virginia’s community college and university system is one of the best in the nation. We need to make sure that qualified Virginia residents can afford to attend our first rate schools and protect  against steep tuition increases that leave students drowning in debt upon graduation.

from school to work

Not every student is college bound. But all students should have access to education and training that will help them find employment. Kelly favors expanding opportunities for students to participate in internships and apprenticeships and in training that can help students gain  professional certifications. 






Healthcare is a right, and all Americans should have access to quality care. 

Regulating Insurance Companies

We need to keep regulations on insurance companies, so they cannot deny anyone with pre-existing conditions.  Insurance companies cannot be allowed to raise premiums so high that they are unaffordable.


Kelly will fight to expand Medicaid in Virginia and ensure all Virginians have equal access to healthcare.

planned parenthood

The doctor-patient relationship is sacred. Yet state lawmakers continue to enact laws that attempt to regulate how physicians should deal with their patients’  reproductive health care. As a young woman with limited income, Kelly used Planned Parenthood’s high quality, affordable preventative health care services, and she will fight to protect Planned Parenthood. 



The economy of Hampton Roads has always been dependent on federal spending, leaving the region vulnerable to government shut downs and budget sequestration.  

Diversification of the Hampton Roads economy is not just possible, but necessary. Fortunately, there is huge potential for the creation of new jobs in Hampton Roads.

Nationwide, jobs in the renewable energy sector are growing exponentially. Our region's potential for job creation in offshore wind, solar, and other renewable technologies is immense. Unfortunately, lobbyists for utility giant Dominion have been successful in pressuring the Republican-led General Assembly to kill legislation that would have encouraged competition from smaller renewable energy companies.  Kelly will never accept donations from Dominion and will fight for green job creation. 

While sea level rise and recurrent flooding is a real and serious threat to our economy, the need to solve this growing problem creates new opportunities. The creation of a water management economy to deal with the problem, as recommended in The Hampton Roads Intergovernmental Pilot Project report last year,  would mean thousands of new jobs in the region. 

The expansion of Medicaid in Virginia would lead to the creation of as many as 10,000 new jobs in the state. Many of these would be in our region.

The opportunity to create new, high paying jobs in the region has never been greater.