Kelly Fowler is a Virginia Beach local running for the Virginia House of Delegates in the 21st District. Kelly and her husband Dave were raised in the 21st District in military families and are now raising their two daugthers here as well. Kelly is a former Virginia Beach public school teacher who now leads a team of real estate agents who specialize in military relocation. Dave is a deputy with the Virginia Beach Sheriff's Department. 

Kelly's grandfathers were from the Philippines and served in the U.S. Navy, which allowed them to become US citizens. Raymond Ramirez passed in 2011, while Francisco Sacdalan was laid to rest in Arlington in the fall of 2012.  With the exeption of an aunt who lives in North Carolina, the rest of Kelly's family still lives in the 21st District!  Uncle, aunt, and grandmother live in Brigadoon. Cousin and family in Stratford Chase.  Even her in-laws are in Indian Lakes, where her husband grew up and attended Salem High School. Kelly's knowledge of and commitment to the district are strong.

Kelly attended Tallwood High School and began working at age 15 to save money in order to realize her dream of being the first member of her family to attend college. Working her way through school, she graduated from Virginia Wesleyan College, where she majored in Psychology and Criminal Justice. She then attended Old Dominion University where she obtained her Masters in Education and went on to serve the needs of Virginia Beach families as a well loved teacher at Lynnhaven Elementary, a Title 1 school. 

Kelly's husband received a Bachelors degree from The College of William and Mary, before working for several years at the Virginia Aquarium and later joining the Virginia Beach Sheriff's Office. He is actively involved in the New Castle Elementary PTA, where their oldest daughter attends school.  

While teaching, Kelly followed a dream and started a business based on her lifelong love of history. After a great deal of research and planning, she began purchasing distressed Victorian homes and lovingly restoring them so that new generations of Hampton Roads families could make their own history in them. Kelly's successful home renovation business gave her first hand experience with the kinds of challenges small business owners face every day. Additionally she developed and sharpened a variety of important skills that will allow her to serve the 21st District well in the House of Delegates. For example, she became a great listener and learned to negotiate creative, win-win solutions in the face of obstacles.  

Kelly is on the Board of Directors of her Home Owners Association and is an active volunteer in the Hampton Roads region. She is passionate about fairness and ensuring that government works for everyone, not just the rich and well connected. Kelly is an energetic, progressive leader who will make a difference in the community when she is the Delegate for District 21!


I never thought I’d run for office. But it’s clear that now more than ever we need a government that we can trust and that cares, so I’ve stood up to run. I ask for your support.
— Kelly Fowler